Whatever we promise,
we deliver.

Quality in valves

Belven operates as a global manufacturer and supplier of valves, placing a strong emphasis on customer service. Situated at the heart of Europe, Our primary focus lies in providing solutions for applications in Building services, Process Industries,District Energy and Water Works.

With a robust international presence, established through our own Belven affiliates as well as partnerships with reputable distributors who align with our commitment to quality and dependability.

Belven is firmly rooted in its core values as an organization, with human interaction playing a pivotal role in our operations and customer relationships."


As a cherished partner, we continually strive to exceed our own standards, ensuring that our motto 'Invalved As Promised' remains pertinent to your needs. We not only provide top-notch quality at a competitive price but also follow through on our commitments. Specifically, we are dedicated to guaranteeing the timely delivery of your products, always as promised.

Our entire organization, spanning sales, logistics, order processing, and quality control, revolves around this commitment of being Invalved as Promised. This enables us to provide a guarantee that your project won't face delays and ensures you can meet your obligations to your customers.

We firmly believe that this approach offers benefits to you as well: no more excess inventory in your warehouse or on-site, a smooth flow of project phases as scheduled, and avoidance of any penalty costs. Belven provides you with peace of mind, relieving you of any concerns.

Integrated solutions

For us, 'integrated solutions' extend beyond mere component assembly. We understand the critical role our valves play in your processes. We recognize that generic, off-the-shelf products may not always fully align with your specific requirements, and you expect us to be more than just an alternative supplier.

Our dedicated team, drawing from 40 years of experience, crafts valves with advanced, specialized expertise. We attentively listen to your unique needs, consistently delivering value through tailored solutions. This commitment isn't a one-time effort; it's our ongoing pledge.

We take pride in presenting our comprehensive range of Belven valves and accessories, driven by innovative solutions tailored to your demands and underscored by our unwavering commitment to dependable delivery.

As your trusted partner in valves, you can rely on our unwavering dedication.

Our planning is always very tight and the project phases follow each other quickly. Belven delivers always and everywhere as they promised, even on site.
Since Belven automated our valves, we have perfect remote control over what is happening and that brings peace of mind.
Our processes depend on controlling the inflow and outflow of liquid raw materials. This is critical to our organisation, therefore we use Belven valves.
Belven is a solid company. You notice this not only by the quality of their range but also by the way they deal with us.

You're in good company