As a family business based in Mechelen, Belgium, Belven places a strong emphasis on involvement and development within its management.

Our open entrepreneurial spirit at Belven is closely aligned with our commitment to conducting business in a socially responsible manner. We firmly believe that our dedication to customers, employees, and society will further propel the company's growth.

We actively encourage and support initiatives taken by our employees. One notable example is the establishment of the Belven Foundation, driven by a group of dedicated employees. The foundation's primary objective is to support charitable organizations and community projects while nurturing the growth and potential of young individuals. This commitment extends beyond geographical boundaries, as demonstrated by the initiatives in Africa that Belven wholeheartedly supports.


Belven foundation

In 2012, for example, a number of committed employees inspired the creation of the Belven Foundation. This initiative is aimed at supporting charities and social projects and stimulating the talent and development of young people. 
This commitment does not stop at national borders, as witnessed by the initiatives in Africa that Belven supports.

Investing in training

Local anchoring and broad development are important criteria in the selection of initiatives.

The cornerstone of growth is education, and it should be encouraged to the fullest extent. We strive to achieve this goal by maintaining close collaboration with students and learners and by endorsing various community-driven endeavors. Education is a continuous journey, marked by the ongoing enhancement of knowledge and skillsets. Belven recognizes the perpetual nature of this process and, as a result, champions internal programs and lends its support to external educational projects.

Utilizing Sports for Advancement

Engaging in sports offers an excellent avenue for enhancing essential social qualities, including determination, teamwork, and collaboration.

The principle of a sound mind in a healthy body is one of the fundamental values that Belven upholds. To promote this ethos, Belven actively backs a range of activities initiated by its workforce. These include recreational running and cycling clubs, as well as participation in events facilitated by Belven through the provision of equipment and resources

Belven Foundation
Belven Foundation
Belven Foundation

Social Projects

Projects that are closely aligned with Belven’s values and vision will always receive our unconditional support.

There are not only the small-scale social projects in the local community or the participations in national events, Belven also seeks to play an active role in foreign projects.

Two cases in point are non-profit association Jennes Friends Projects, which aims to provide intensive guidance to autistic youngsters, and non-profit association Warme Gloed in which our IT manager Joeri Van Deuren is involved with heart and soul. Warme Gloed supports agricultural and educational projects in Kunting, a village in Gambia.

A big thumbs up to all employees and volunteers who were directly or indirectly involved in all initiatives of the past few years: truly heart-warming and a source of endless energy! 

Jenne's Friends
Warme gloed



  • Table tennis tournament
  • Warme Gloed vzw
  • Jennes Friends Projects vzw
  • Football tournament Mechelen
  • Beach volleyball
  • EM-Kring De Nayer
  • Customer training programs
  • Kom op tegen Kanker (Fight Against Cancer)
  • Music for Life - De Warmste Week


  • Golden Bat table tennis tournament
  • Rode neuzen (Red Noses) - staff initiative
  • Jennes Friends Projects vzw --> presentation to staff
  • Intercompany tournament (indoor) volleyball
  • Intercompany triathlon Mechelen
  • Eleven Cities Cycling Tour Leeuwarden-Antwerp in support of Kom op tegen Kanker (Fight against Cancer)
  • Running club under the supervision of an external coach
  • Beach volleyball tournament Mechelen
  • EM-Kring De Nayer
  • Belven Academy