We offer a wide range of Thermostatic Mixing Valves designed to ensure safe and accurate temperature control for water in various applications. Our Thermostatic Mixing Valves are engineered for reliability, anti-scald protection, and efficient water temperature regulation. Thermostatic Mixing Valves are devices that blend hot and cold water to maintain a constant, pre-set temperature at the outlet. They provide safety against scalding and promote consistent water temperature for various uses.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve-BV451​​​​​​​

Belven BV451 Series Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) are used to mix the hot water and cold water to obtain the set outlet temperature. TMV is connected to the hot supply and the cold supply line. The internal thermostat in the TMV automatically regulates the temperature and provides constant outlet temperature regardless of the variation in the supply water temperature. Belven TMV also has a built-in check valve and a filter, specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of BS EN 1111:1999 and BS EN 1287:1999. 

BV451 Series Thermostatic Mixing Valve has a chrome plated brass body, with a built in check valve and strainer. Max pressure is at 10 bar and max temp. of 85°C. The temperature setting range is between 38°C and  46°C. Comes  complete with male threaded end connection.

Technical specifications
ApplicationPlumbing Application

150 PSI (10.3 bar)
Maximum Static Pressure      10 Bar
Temperature Setting Range    

38 ⁰C to 60⁰C

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